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ProMagic FAQ

Posted Tuesday, September 05, 2017, Author - Nathan Smith

What is Pro Magic? Pro Magic is a versatile grooming aid that can be used for detangling and dematting, removing undercoat for deshedding, for easier and faster drying of coat, and as a styling aid for scissoring and finishing.

What are the ingredients? Pro Magic is a water-based formula utilising a combination of linear and cyclic cosmetic silicone ingredients. A bit of fragrance has been added and it is preserved without Parabens.

What does Pro Magic look like? Like most silicone detangling solutions, Pro Magic is a milky white liquid.

How does Pro Magic work? The “magic” comes from the particular combination of silicones. The hair carries a slightly negative charge, more so at points of cuticle damage and wear. The silicones carry a slightly positive charge and are attracted to the negatively charged hair. This positive-negative action neutralizes any static cling in the hair. In Pro Magic, the volatile, cyclic silicones help to spread the product to each and every hair. They also provide some added wet combing function. They evaporate during drying, leaving the linear silicones to totally cover each hair shaft in an ultra fine, flexible, sleek envelope of conditioner, which allows hair to slide apart. This allows the coat to be dematted or deshedded with much less mechanical force of brushing/combing/raking. More hair is separated and released with air power and light brushing. Drying time is improved with the use of forced air dryers, because the sleek surface of the hair facilitates the sheeting action and movement of the water off the hair. Pro Magic silicones also have incredible light reflective property that leaves the coat with a sparkling sheen without an oily appearance.

The pictures below compare a hair shaft with a regular conditioner to one conditioned with silicone. The silicone conditioned hair has a much more thorough coverage and smooth appearance.

The hard, yet flexible surface of the hair achieved with silicones, protects the hair from heat damage from grooming, UV damage from the sun, and physical damage from grooming tools.

What is the best way to use Pro Magic? Pro Magic is most effective when used as the last product applied to the coat during bathing/grooming. It can be applied to wet or dry coat. The most remarkable results will be achieved when the product has dried into the coat. It can be sprayed on the coat or rinsed through, or both. On a packed undercoat or badly matted coat, a final rinse of diluted Pro Magic followed by direct spraying is recommended. Rinsing through a coat helps to distribute it throughout. Direct spraying targets a particular area that needs extra help. Pro Magic can be used between baths to facilitate brush out and protect the coat. Spritz the coat lightly as you groom, applying ahead of where you are working so it is allowed to dry before you work an area. Apply directly to tangles and gently pick the hair apart. Using a picking technique rather than pulling and tugging will cause less damage to the coat and will be more comfortable for the pet. See Pro Magic instructions for dilution recommendations. (link?)

Does leaving the product to soak in the coat improve results? No. Added contact time is not necessary nor of any value. Pro Magic ingredients do not penetrate the hair cuticle; they coat the surface. Extra contact time is valuable when penetration of skin or hair is desirable, such as with deep conditioning treatments, reconstructive (protein) treatments, or medicated shampoos.

Is a pre-bath treatment with Pro Magic helpful? Again the answer is no. Pro Magic works best as the last product on the hair, not the first. Most detergent shampoos will remove anything coating the hair during the shampoo. Since Pro Magic does not penetrate the hair cuticle, but coats it, the product will be washed away and will need to be reapplied.

Does Pro Magic build up in the coat? While build-up of Pro Magic is possible, it is quite unlikely to occur under normal usage and proper dilution. It would require extensive usage without bathing. All of our ProGroom shampoos will effectively remove any residual Pro Magic in the coat.

Is it hazardous to inhale Pro Magic while force drying? Absolutely not! The molecular size of the Pro Magic ingredients is such that they cannot be absorbed into the lungs of people or animals. Cosmetic silicones are one of the most extensively studied and tested ingredients and no health hazards have been identified with their use.

Does Pro Magic cause yellowing or break coat? No. These were problems that were reported with some of the first silicone detanglers in the 1980’s. Pro Magic is an advanced formula that does not cause yellowing of white coat. In fact, it makes white coats appear whiter. Silicone ingredients do not make hair brittle. They are very flexible in nature on the hair. What causes breakage is excessive mechanical attack by slicker brushes, dematting rakes, and combs. Repeated mechanical detangling will lead to weakened hair shafts and inevitable breakage. Pro Magic allows the groomer to use less rough means to achieve a great result.

Is Pro Magic hypoallergenic? Nearly so. The active ingredients of Pro Magic are not sensitisers and do not cause allergic reaction. Pro Magic does include a bit of fragrance. Some fragrance components are known sensitisers. The soothing fragrance in Pro Magic has been selected as being a low allergen scent, least likely to cause problems. On an allergic pet, however, it is best to use with caution and do a patch test.

Why do you recommend using distilled water for dilution? We recommend this for all Pro Groom products because when we dilute products, we dilute the preservative system. Tap water always contains feed stock for microbes, and with the reduced preservative coverage, microbial invasion and spoilage can occur more rapidly. Distilled water gives a better shelf life to your diluted Pro Magic.

Does Pro Magic contain Parabens? No, the preservative system is formulated without Parabens.