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ProMagic FAQ

Posted Tuesday, September 05, 2017, Author - Nathan Smith

What is Pro Magic? Pro Magic is a versatile grooming aid that can be used for detangling and dematting, removing undercoat for deshedding, for easier and faster drying of coat, and as a styling aid for scissoring and finishing.

What are the ingredients? Pro Magic is a water-based formula utilising a combination of linear and cyclic cosmetic silicone ingredients. A bit of fragrance has been added and it is preserved without Parabens.

What does Pro Magic look like? Like most silicone detangling solutions, Pro Magic is a milky white liquid.

How does Pro Magic work? The “magic” comes from the particular combination of silicones. The hair carries a slightly negative charge, more so at points of cuticle damage and wear. The silicones carry a slightly positive charge and are attracted to the negatively charged hair. This positive-negative action neutralizes any static cling in the hair. In Pro Magic, the volatile,...

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Soap vs Detergent - What's the deal?

Posted Tuesday, September 05, 2017, Author - Nathan Smith

Often when we read descriptions of pet shampoos in catalogues we see the assertion “soap-free”. Sometimes we see, “no detergents.” What do these mean?

Before we get to the answer, let’s take a moment to look at these statements as marketing tools or techniques. A marketing technique is a device of words or images intended to produce a favorable impression and a desire to buy. The statement “soap-free” is intended to convey that soap is a bad ingredient and this product has none.


What’s so bad about soap? Soap is the simplest surfactant; it is formed by the action of caustic ash or lye on fats. The first soap was probably accidentally formed when a cave person tossed some animal fat into the fire and when things cooled down they found...soap. Today’s soaps are created by the action of a strong alkali, usually sodium hydroxide (lye) on fats or oils. ...

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