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Getting the most from your Progroom Products

Posted Tuesday, September 05, 2017, Author - Nathan Smith

Using naturally derived shampoo or conditioner products are great for not only ourselves, but also for the environment and our beloved pets. Progroom offers a range of pet grooming products made from ingredients that are both luxurious and safe for your pets. They contain no parabens (these have been known to have long-term negative effects on the body), and a gentle, but effective preservative rather than harmful synthetic preservatives.

To ensure that you get the most from our Progroom range, it is important to maintain proper hygiene when diluting, handling and storing the products.

Without proper hygiene and/or product handling, contamination of the products may occur. This can cause pets to have a skin reaction (physiological not allergic reaction) due to the bacteria, mould, fungus or virus that has grown in the inadequately stored or prepared product. This type of infection sometimes expresses itself as bumps or pustules, most often along the back of the animal. While these infections are not generally serious, they may require a visit to the vet for antibiotics and/or steroids.

To insure happy, healthy, professional pet grooming always remember to:

  • Always wash and dry hands before opening and closing concentrate containers and during the diluting/mixing process, as it is important to keep dirty water from coming into contact with the concentrate

  • Clean all secondary containers and caps with very hot water or a sterilising solution (alcohol, bleach or disinfectant etc) before diluting the concentrate. Without proper cleaning and sterilisation, bacteria and other contaminants can grow in the secondary bottle and then are inadvertently poured on and rubbed into the skin of the animal being bathed

  • Avoid squeeze top bottles on secondary containers as these can inadvertently suck up dirty water and soap from the animal and contaminate the bottle and lid. In addition, lids on squeeze bottles are very hard to clean and can hold bacteria, virus, mould and fungus and transfer it to animals during bathing

  • Soak dispenser bottles in bleach or disinfectant every night to prevent contamination

  • Discard all unused, diluted shampoo/conditioner 12-24 hours after mixing as there is the potential for bacteria, mould and other contaminants to breed in the solution

  • Use care not to get dirty water into the secondary container when bathing

  • Once a week clean the tub, fixtures and spray nozzles with hot water

Our shampoos and conditioning products are available as a concentrate, providing you with great value.


For example, to make 1 litre of shampoo using a 6:1 concentration product, you add 6 parts water + 1 part shampoo. On average, depending on the condition of the animal's coat, we recommend our shampoos be diluted approx 1-6, this equals approx 145ml shampoo per litre of water.

We hope these guidelines will help make our four-legged friend’s trip to the groomer happy, healthy and FUN!