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ProGroom Launch New Range of Horse Shampoo's and Conditioners

Posted Tuesday, March 06, 2018, Author - Avril Cronk


Enhance the wellbeing of your horse's coat with this new range of horse shampoos and conditioners designed by ProGroom for Heiniger. 


ProGroom have launched two new ranges of shampoo's and conditioners for horses. 

1) Equine Range - When only the best will do. Gentle, safe formulas using naturally derived ingredients will maintain your horse's coat health. Designed to retain natural oils for maximum shine and gloss. Trialled and used by many renowned horse experts (see testimonials below).

2) Stable Range - Designed to achieve the best results and yet be kind to all large animals. A modern formula using trusted ingredients that a derived from natural sources that cares for all large animal coats, including horses, cows and goats. Available in bulk sizes only.

Testimonials from the experts


‚ÄúThis range is so much more than great… And believe me I've tried everything currently on the market!


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