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ProGroom Interview with Barbara Bird

Posted Monday, July 25, 2016, Author - Natalie Graham

Watch the fabulous Master Groomer Barbara Bird explain why she uses and loves ProGroom products. 

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What is Product Buildup?

Posted Tuesday, December 15, 2015, Author - Barbara Bird - ICMG

Buildup is condition that occurs when ingredients accumulate on the hair shaft. Over time, this can cause undesirable appearance and a failure of next application of products to work properly.

How buildup shows up: stringy or sticky hair, hair can feel both dry and greasy, dull coat, overly soft (lacks body), unusually frizzy or just generally weird feeling, products don’t achieve usual results. The most recent buildup problem I encountered was with a full-coated ShihTzu that I groom monthly. The dog would show up with the coat looking very dirty, greasy and unkempt, even though I knew the owners brushed daily and bathed in between appointments. The coat looked stringy and oily, but felt dry. The owners were distraught. Once I was able to “see” the problem as most likely being buildup from home grooming, we changed the coat spray they were using during brushing and the problem resolved.

All conditioning agents, especially cationic conditioners and...

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