How We Began

It all began 2009 when two Australian dog groomers believed they could supply the pet grooming market with high quality dog and cat grooming products at affordable pricing.

Collectively we'd had over 30 years’ experience in the dog grooming and pet industry. Having owned and operated grooming salons, we understood the need to have premium pet grooming products made of quality materials, that get the job done effectively without harm.

ProGroom products are now used all over the world by some of the industry’s best pet groomers.

ProGroom has become a respected brand which is proudly owned, made and manufactured in Australia with environmentally friendly human grade ingredients that you can trust.

Due to our growth we decided (as of 1 April) to hand over the distribution of our range of grooming products to Heiniger Australia giving us the opportunity to take the ProGroom brand to the next level, and make it available to the rest of the world.



Natalie Graham
Co-Founder & Managing Director



ProGroom consistently provide excellent advice on their product range and have a keen finger on the pulse of their customers' requirements.

The ProGroom product range is excellent in it's quality and coverage of customers needs, with products under development being designed to expand or complement current product or market needs. ProGroom's dedication to developing safe, effective and quality products is firmly delivered.
ProGroom's products will be a key driving force to the establishment and growth of our boutique grooming business."

Shelley and Pat - All Paws Styling

Barbara Bird has been grooming since 1971, and has owned Transformation Pet Center, Tucson, Arizona USA since 1977.

Cheers to Aussie Groomers!

I’m excited to share with you that I have been using the ProGroom salon products for nearly a year now and I am very happy with the results. I have carefully scrutinized all the product ingredients and can say confidence that they are absolutely safe for pets and people. My bather wishes me to share with that Pro Magic has changed her life and conquers her dread of Doodles.

Bring happiness to your work place with ProGroom products.

Barbara Bird ICMG

"I have been using Progroom Pro Pink Shampoo for a couple of years and I have found it is one of the best every day shampoo’s on the market (if you don’t believe me you should come and check out my shampoo cupboard). It is a fantastic shampoo that give great body to a dogs coat making it easier to clip and scissor and fragrance and feel to the coat that can last for weeks . I always have clients telling me that their dogs smell great after being to my grooming salon for weeks after and I think that Pro Pink is the reason for this!"

Kylie - Shampooch ACT